The focus at Le Deli is predominantly on the artisanal and authentic. Many of the products are sourced from family run companies; for example, Aix et Terra who produce beautiful caviars and savoury pâtés including an exquisite aubergine and truffle variety, and Maison Marc Cornichons made by the Jannequin family, who have been handpicking these deliciously crunchy cornichons for five generations. Also stocked is a number of Moutaderie Edmond Fallet mustards, which have been made at a family run factory in Burgundy since 1840, where they still use a protected artisanal process. Nice-grown olives and their paste from the Lessatini family who have protected the trees for three generations, and the most exceptional salt courtesy of the Binet.

Many of these products available at the deli were chosen by Joël Robuchon himself. Also amongst these are the preserved seafood delicacies direct from ‘Groix et Nature’, a small specialist company from the island of Groix just off the south coast of Brittany. On the Deli shelves from the island is the Kari Grosse Lobster Bisque; a velvety mix of blue lobster and spices typical of Brittany, delicately aromatic and slightly sweet; this French soup is emblematic of French cuisine  and dates back to the 19th Century; Lobster Rillettes with Kari Grosse, flavoured with a blend of spices which also date back to the 19th Century known as the ‘Breton Curry’ – ginger, clove and turmeric –highlight the crustacean’s tender, refined meat; Sardine Rillettes with Espette Pepper – the sardines are caught by fishing boats off the North Eastern coasts of the Atlantic, delicately salted and oven-cooked with condiments that bring out the flavours of the ocean. The recipe has been handed down by generations of women who have worked for the island’s preservers since 1860; and blue lobster oil, highly regarded as the king of crustaceans, this superior oil is created according to an ancient artisan recipe.




If sweet is what you are after however, Marie Ferbers jams made of strictly seasonal fresh fruits, 80% from the Alsace region, the rare and precious Miels et Miels honeys, or perhaps the Broyé from Pitou, a biscuit from Joël Robuchon’s native region would suffice. This crunchy biscuit gets its name from the French for ‘crushed’, as it would traditionally be broken with a fist to share it out. Le Deli is also one of the only places in the UK to stock Le Roy René products, a family-run confectionary company in Aix-en-Provence; notably both the white and black nougat, the artisanal recipe and methods for which have been passed down over generations, and their colourful Calissons, the delicate taste of which is achieved with rare ingredients and a five-hundred-year-old recipe.

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