Le Comptoir Robuchon is headed up by Jeremy Page, a Robuchon alumni, who worked alongside Joël for more than a decade. Page was entrusted with the position by Robuchon himself. His chef’s pedigree is impressive, having worked at two Robuchon restaurants already, as well as completing training under notable French chefs Jean-Marie Gautier and Vincent Arnould at Le Vieux Logis.

The appointment is therefore a natural fit for a restaurant legacy built upon consistency and perfection. He brings with him his team from L’Atelier Robuchon, who are committed to keeping the Robuchon energy alive – this tightly knit team is a force of nature, world-renowned for their ability to seamlessly deliver dish after dish to perfection. 

Page was born in Bath but grew up in South-West France from the age of six when his family relocated to “le Périgord Noir”, a region particularly well-known for its incredible luxury produce; from truffles, to mushrooms, duck and foie gras. It is here he fell in love with cuisine.

Page says his mother knew he would be a chef from the age of four, but he himself came to this realisation at about 14, entering catering school at 15 as an apprentice in pastry, before moving back into chefs training at the age of 18. Page notes that working with pastry propelled him forward, and had a profound influence on the chef he is today. 

The duality of Page’s English heritage and French upbringing cultivated a hunger for travel, particularly throughout Europe, which inspired the unique style of his cooking. Jeremy worked at L’Atelier de Robuchon Saint Germain Paris for nearly a decade before moving to London to become Executive Chef at L’Atelier de Robuchon in London. Page shares the Robuchon passion for cooking with seasonal produce, which is evident from his menu. He also notes the black truffle, a Western-France speciality, as being one of his favourite ingredients to work with.

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